Distant Atmosphere

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In order to justify the existence of very high level technologies and large changes in human culture, Distant Atmosphere is set roughly two thousand years in the future.  Currently, my focus is on a huge space habitat located at on of the Earth-Sun LaGrange.  The habitat is a literal microcosm of humanity, it’s creations, and it’s problems.

One of many habitats carved out of the asteroid 4 Vesta, the Hearth is a large O’Neil cylinder.  Home is its sister cylinder.  Hearth is run by an AI named Vesta, while Home is run by Hestia. 

Civilization has degenerated over the years, due to involvement by super intelligent AIs and resentment of the AIs by some humans.  Within the Hearth cylinder itself, an agrarian, clan based society has formed.  Some parts of the society have maintained mostly accurate knowledge of the past, but the vast majority has a very skewed idea of what exactly Hearth is, who the AIs are, and what is really going on.

Much of their society is very similar to the celtic society of Ireland in pre-Roman times.  Part of this is by design, as their ancestors were looking for a sustainable way to survive and had extensive documentation on ancient cultures.

Another section of the cylinder, the shell, also known as the Rind, has maintained a more technological society, but is shut off from the interior.  The clash of the clans and the rinders would provide a lot of good conflict material for stories and gaming campaigns.



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