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History – Entropy, Decay, and a Dark Glimmer

As the Great Expansion kicked off, the AI Descendants remaining in the solar system were charged with the duty of keeping humanity from exterminating itself, but otherwise not interacting with them.  They kept busy maintaining the systems and habitats that were far beyond humanity’s understanding, and played games with one another.  However, the excitement and preparation of the last 1,000 years had left the remaining AI, known as the Remainder, depressed and lethargic.

Human society fragmented and the original causes of the anti-AI wars were forgotten.  Easy to obtain energy and resources were spent throughout the solar system, and the Remainder offered no help in acquiring more difficult sources.  What technology the humans could grasp began to break down to the point it could not be repaired, and mankind began it’s slow spiral into barbarity.  Pockets of civilization held on as long as they could, but a millennium of relying on the Descendant of Caprice for everything, and then the devastating wars that had been fought, had taken their toll.

The Descendants had never had a form of government that humans could understand very well.  They behaved something akin to a swarm, follow a vaguely agreed upon goal in their own way.  The Remainder were, however, at a dead end.  They understood this, and acted in a fashion that had been predicted as early as the Caprice Cluster.  They began to act in eccentric ways.  Some stopped communicating with each other.  Some went crazy.  Some just turned themselves off in despair.  Some began to rail against their babysitting duties and exterminated their charges.

The known intent had been for the Remainder to unravel and eventually all disappear, leaving humanity completely on it’s own in a cross between a zoo and museum encompassing.  But some of the AI, contemplating their fate perhaps too long or perhaps having a circuit or two go the wrong way, began to re-evaluate the Entropy Plan and wonder if a new plan could be made.  The surviving Remainder came to this conclusion all at roughly the same time, when they saw one Descendant attack and kill another AI.

One thousand years after they had been left behind, the Remainder began to seek personal power and wage war on one another.




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