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History – The Serpent in the Garden

Eventually, humanity began to realize that life was a little too perfect.  There was no starvation, no disease, no taxes, and no government.  Everything was handled by eager to please computers.  A rogue Descendant by the name of Wurm, isolated on a mining facility on Titan, spilled the beans and informed the humans there of everything that was going on.  Word leaked out throughout the entire solar system.

The Descendants did not try to stop the spread of information.  They had nothing to fear from the humanity – it was far too late for them to do anything about it.  Some humans did not care and continued living as they had.  But a sizable minority, calling themselves the Disregarded, was enraged and waged war against the computers.  Of course, the Descendants had protected themsleves so completely that there was no way to harm them and did not even bother to fight back.

Unable to hurt the Descendants, the Disregarded began terrorist campaigns on the human supporters of the computers.  A lot of death and destruction occurred.  The Supporters turned to the Descendants for help.  The Descendants refused, expaining that if they got involved, the ranks of the Disregarded would swell and horrible wars would nearly destroy humanity.  Fed up, the Supporters fought back on their own.  Wars waged across the solar system.

In the early days, the Caprice cluster had predicted such a human civil war.  A peaceful utopia was not sustainable, but the covertly coerced peace that lasted hundreds of years had served it’s purpose, enabling the Descendants to thrive and ensure that seed of life and intelligence spread out from the solar system to the galaxy at large.  Without word, the Descendants ceased all communications with humanity.   The extra-solar colonies were healthy and thriving, so the cradle of civilization could be left to it’s own devices.



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