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Operation Arcadia

Okay, currently I’m aiming the space setting idea into (simultaneously) a novel and an rpg campaign.  The campaign looks more realistic, with a start date in January of next year.


Here is a blurb I’ve written on it:

Operation Arcadia: A Savage Worlds Campaign

[Kind of a strange mix of Halo, Gamma World, Paranoia, Chthullu, D&D, and King Arthur]

“Sir, we are getting readings from the L4 point.  Object 11-17 is almost 500 kilometers long and has a heat signature that is way off the scale.  The only explanation I can think of is that it is a massive fully functional space habitat that has been operating independent of Earth for 1000 years.”

– Lt. Miles Abbot, Phoenix Infrared Observatory –New Brazoria, Texas Democratic Empire

The year is 4000 AD.  Humanity has been slowly waking up from a crippling dark age in which society fell from unknown technological and social heights into ignorance and barbarity.  On the ice-bound North American continent, two superpowers have been vying for supremacy for over a century – the Texas Democratic Empire and the Unified Kingdoms of California.

Using technological leftovers, the Texans and Californians have waged bloody war for domination, extending their control into the Southern Hemisphere.  Neither side has a good understanding of the technologies they use as most electronic records have been lost.  Historical data for the last 1800 years is mostly non-existent.   While sentient computers exist, they too were affected by the Collapse Purge, and those that survived are either amnesiatic or insane.

The two warring nations have extended their presence into space using ancient mass-drivers and still functioning space elevators.  Earth’s moon and the planet Mars were terraformed long ago, but the Martians and Lunarians have little interest in Earth and have banned most contact.  Planetary conquest has been investigated by the Earthlings, but no military or economic gains could be projected.  Space was considered little more than a high-altitude bombardment platform until a chance revelation one year ago.

Astronomers near the end of the Dark Age discovered a shiny object near Earth orbit.  The object was assumed to be an asteroid and called Arcadia by the Californians, and Object 11-17 by the Texans.  The recent rediscovery of infrared astronomy brought new information.  Arcadia was most likely a huge space habitat constructed over a millennium ago – and it appeared to be still functioning.

The superpowers engaged in a frenetic space race to reach Arcadia first.  Space probe fly-bys verified that Object 11-17 was indeed man-made.   Both sides have launched reconditioned spacecraft filled with scientists, telemetry equipment, armaments and marines.  The first ships to arrive will be those few with working anti-matter drives and actual anti-matter reserves.  Knowledge of the production of anti-matter was lost long ago, so the ships following behind will be using much slower fusion drives.

What will happen when the fleets of the two most powerful nations on Earth arrive at Arcadia?  Will they fight over their prize, or will they cooperate in the exploration of an ancient artifact.  And what of Arcadia itself?  Is anyone still alive?  What mysteries will be answered?  What technological wonders will be discovered?

We shall see . . .



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